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[hylafax-users] Re: letters for status

i use this:
				if(oldValue.equals("D")) newValue="DONE";
				else if(oldValue.equals("S")) newValue="SUSPENDED";
				else if(oldValue.equals("P")) newValue="PENDING";
				else if(oldValue.equals("S")) newValue="SLEEPING";
				else if(oldValue.equals("B")) newValue="BLOCKED";
				else if(oldValue.equals("R")) newValue="READY";
				else if(oldValue.equals("A")) newValue="ACTIVE";
				else if(oldValue.equals("W")) newValue="WAITING";
				else if(oldValue.equals("U")) newValue="UNDEFINED";

AFAIR i picked it somewhere in the soruces...


PS: Please do not post HTMP eMails!

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is there any table showing the different letters for the status of the faxes
and its meaning?



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