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[hylafax-users] faxes being spooled, not sent

Trying to get hylafax 4.1b2 set up here, on this Slackware 7.0 system.

The installation instuctions are pretty sparse, and hylafax installs
so many bins it's very hard to figure out what to do first. After a
lot of wading through the mailing list archive, I think I'm very

Currently, submiting a fax via sendfax(1), w2hfax, and whfc puts a
file into /var/spool/fax/sendq, but the modem never dials out. faxq
and hfaxd are running. I'm pretty sure its not the modem, as it is a
class 2.0 faxmodem (56K USR aka 3com), and i have successfully sent a
fax or two with it some months ago with the mgetty+sendfax package,
which was also nigh impossible to install.

At one point, I had killed off hfaxd and faxq, and run 'faxsetup'...
this started faxq (well, after i editing an 'if' clause in the sh
script, it was trying to run 'start' instead of launching faxq
originally. Anyway, faxsetup started faxq, and then faxq began
processing the queue, sending the faxes that were in sendq/.

But submitting faxes to it after it started, or restarting faxq and
hfaxd now aren't even making it process the queue. And obviously I
shouldn't have to be restarting the service everytime I want to send
=) And ideas whats causing it not to send?


Jeremy M. Dolan <jmd@turbogeek.org>

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