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[hylafax-users] Re: troubles with SuSe 6.4






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Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 11:12 PM
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Subject: [hylafax-users] troubles with SuSe 6.4


Using the version that comes with SuSe 6.4 (I’m not sure what it is), I have
the troubles when configure
Hylafax running faxsetup:

After check the modem speed, and OK, the installer says “ 1+  Terminated
(trap  “ 0 1 2; while true, do
sleep 10; echo “”, echo “Hm, someting seems to be hung, check your modem,
eh?” ; done)

After, it seems to be configured, but server fails when receive faxes.
Connect ok, but terminate abnormally. I
checked the log file, and all seems ok ... but last line says “  --- > date”
and then, nothing. The sender gives a
message of “transmission incomplete”. I must kill faxgetty for reset the
server.  Receiving date calls also don’t
work. Ppp don’t start properly. But when I try to connect to my ISP provider
with kppp, no problem at all.
The old sendfax also works ok.

I checked it with 3 modems: One Multimodem 5600ZDX, one Dynalink V1456VQE
and one US Robotics
Sporter., after install it with faxaddmodem.  Every modem gives the same
message and the same problem.

Can someone  help me?

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