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[hylafax-users] May Update of FAQ

Hi, everyone,

These are the changes to the FAQ for May 2000 (sorry, running
a bit late as usual) :-

Q021     experience of HylaFAX sending 1000s of faxes per day?

Q022     is HylaFAX able to receive hundreds of faxes?

Q212     how to set the fax receiver's name on the cover page?

Q226     cannot create a phonebook in whfc?

Q228     using the RelayFax windows client with HylaFAX

Q230     why does sendfax -a not schedule faxes correctly?

Q344     errorstats.sh - a script to display a summary of
         transmission errors.

Q345     amendment of the faxcover postscript file using TeX.

Thanks very much to Robert Colquhoun, John Williams, Lee Howard
(twice), Paul van der Vlis, Jason Bachman and Bernd Proissl.

It may be a day or two before they all hit the web site.

If you think your posting to the mailing list would make a good
FAQ entry, then please copy to faq@hylafax.org in case I miss it
in the main list.

BTW, those who haven't heard of errorstats.sh then I suggest giving
it a trial, it is excellent for showing up problem areas in your

Phil Watkinson,
Leicester, UK.

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