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[hylafax-users] Re: hylafax

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From: Chris Spencer <chris.spencer@thespencercompany.com>
To: <webmaster@hylafax.org>
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 10:44 AM
Subject: hylafax

> I tried the RPM on my RH 6.2 system.

Which RPM is that?

> I get an error on the faxsetup
> -server saying I am missing the /usr/bin/mawk file. What did I do wrong?

Probably not a lot. Simply install the mawk rpm from your CD. I am a
bit surprised since mawk is usually installed by default...

> I install the tiff 3.4 library with the config script, make, make
> install...

And usually the tiff rpm is installed by default as well. Please check
if it already on your system - in RedHat 6.2 it is tiff 3.5 which
unfortunately breaks HylaFAX. If you find tiff 3.5 please remove it.

Could you let me know which part of the documentation gave you the
impression that you had to download and compile tiff 3.4 ?? Then we
can amend it to avoid other people doing it - there are rpms available
which are much easier.

> What is missing? I am having a heck of a time.

It's not automatic. Installation of HylaFAX is not something to do
in a coffee break - its more of a lunch break type of job :-)

Have a look at the web site, www.hylafax.org, at the bottom of the
resources page, links.php, there is a link to installation notes for
RedHat users. Also question 228 in the FAQ 'Using the RelayFax windows
client' also includes installation notes of the 4.1beta1 rpm on a RedHat
6.1 Linux system. (The new Q228 will be accessable tomorrow).

Also please consider joining the mailing list for HylaFAX users. Details
are available at : http;//www.hylafax.org/mailing-lists.php (I have sent
a copy of this reply to the list)

> All this cause I only
> have a class 1 modem (fax2send works but not with my modem, it was a
> breeze, but I am dumbfounded on this application).

Class 1 is fine...
> Please help...
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> Sincerely,
> Chris Spencer, President
> The Spencer Company
> 400 South Victory Boulevard, Suite 202
> Burbank, California 91502
> 818.972.2500 Ext. 600
> Fax: 818.569.4285
> Toll Free: 800.318.1876 Ext. 600
> Toll Free Fax: 800.318.1877

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