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On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Brandon Drake wrote:

> No PBX.   Just a 2-wire analog trunk with 100 DIDs.  I need to route
> faxes based on the last three digits of the DID.
For what it is worth: We have an solution upcoming wich can do this for
ISDN users with a PBX.

Using some nice capabilities of ELSAs TLV/34 we get the modem to get
the called number (wich using the pbx is the usually three digit
extension) from the S0 and then get faxgetty to get this value from the
We also have an replacement faxrcvd wich is able to then route faxes on
called number to either email adresses or printers while also converting
them to gif/g3 if wished.

I just need to finish up the code for converting the received tiff to
g3/gif and extract the single pages from a multipage tiff and then well
publish it.

> Jason Bachman wrote:
> --
> Brandon Drake
> Director of Technology
> PF.Net Corporation
> 360.835.4715 direct

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