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Re: [hylafax-users] do you mangle sendmail.cf?

On Thursday, August 24, 2000, at 1:19:49 AM, Lee Howard wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but faxmail only faxes the ASCII content of an
> e-mail, right?

Actually, I believe faxmail Does The Right Thing with MIME multipart
mail, assuming it understands each part.

[ checks manpage ]

Yep.  It's extensible, too:

> MIME processing is fairly simple and (currently) somewhat
> constrained. faxmail has builtin support for the follow- ing MIME
> parts: text/plain, multipart/mixed, multi- part/digest,
> message/rfc822, application/postscript, and
> application/x-faxmail-prolog. Parts can also be processed through
> external processing scripts that faxmail looks for in a ``CIME
> converters'' directory hierarchy. External scripts may override
> builtin processing or supplement the builtin support. For each MIME
> body part with type T and subtype S faxmail checks first for an
> executable script named T/S in the converter hierarchy. If a script
> exists then it is run and the result is appended to the output
> PostScript document. Otherwise if the part has builtin support then
> it is processed directly. Any part that does not have external or
> builtin support is discarded and replaced by a message that
> indicates the part was removed. This discarded message can be
> suppressed with the MarkDis- carded configuration parameter (also
> settable with an X- FAX-MarkDiscarded line in the envelope).

That sounds sufficiently flexible to me...  :-)

> So, does anyone have an email-to-fax configuration that does not use
> something like procmail?  I.e. did you configure sendmail.cf manually to
> acheive the faxing of a TIFF/PS attachment?  Usually HylaFAX FAQs have sent
> the faxes as mail to addresses like: 1234567@mydomain.fax

I guess... "see above".

> If you did, I would surely appreciate a brief explanation of how you did
> the "sendmail mangling" for this to function so that I can include it in
> the forthcoming HOW-TO.

As for sendmail mangling, note that sendmail has come with the hooks
for the *standard* form of address mangling (where "standard" is
defined as "what Sam thought was cool" :-) since about 8.9; in the
sendmail.mc package (which means it doesn't mesh well with RH.  I plan
to write to djb this week and ask him why the *hell* they don't get
onto the linuxconf guy about fixing the poor interface there...).

-- jra
Jay R. Ashworth                                                jra@baylink.com
Member of the Technical Staff     
The Suncoast Freenet
Tampa Bay, Florida     http://baylink.pitas.com                +1 727 804 5015

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