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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax help

Hello Gregg,
welcome to hylafax list.

> -How do I know the Fax server is running?

I use the faxstat command.
It respond you with something similar to:
[root@broadlab /root]# faxstat
HylaFAX scheduler on broadlab: Running
Modem ttyS1 (951010586): Running and idle

> -Where do I set the speed for the modem so that it is locked?
I dont understand. For faxing is enough with a 14400 fax.

> -Running the Win95 client: where on the server do I add client username
> passwords?
AFAIK you only need to enter the IP address of the machines using hylafax
server in the

> -Can I use ip instead of hostnames?
> -Is ther a GUI interface for server configuration?

There is only one script you should run after installation is: faxsetup.

Hope this help



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