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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax help

> Hi There, 
> I am trying to set Hylafax up on my machine and I am not 
> having much luck
> with it. 

Make sure you read throught the docs and online help.  

> -How do I know the Fax server is running?

on your linux box, try to issue the command:  faxstat
That should say something to the affect that your server is running and your
modems are ready.

> -Where do I set the speed for the modem so that it is locked?

When you set up your modem using the faxaddmodem command, it should
automatically set up your modem for you, speed and all.  But usually you
don't have to worry about speed when faxing.

> -Running the Win95 client: where on the server do I add 
> client username and
> passwords?

You might have to ask one of the HylaFAX gurus about security, but as far as
I know there are no passwords for hylafax.  It only verifies that your
address has been entered into the hylafax/etc/hosts file.  Again, I might be
wrong on this so double check the docs.  

Where you enter the username and passwords depends on which client you are
using I know with WHFC under the Server options there are fields for the
server address and username.  Double check your particular clients docs.

> -Can I use ip instead of hostnames?
I think you can.  That is how I do it since I am on a NT network and no DNS
server in sight.  

> -Is ther a GUI interface for server configuration?
I don't belive there is.

Good Luck,
Jim Neff

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