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Re: [hylafax-users] Hyla.conf example and scheduling of jobs

Marc Rassbach schrieb:
> I ve spent some time searching the list and noticed
> the 1997 comment that no hyla.conf example existed.
> Does anyone have an example of this file?
> My user has a level of expectation based on how the
> SCO digifax product works.  He's come to accept that
> the differences between the two programs are not a
> negative.  (And, I didn t need to beat him with a clue
> stick)
> There is an option to tell a job waiting in the queue
> to send immediately. And the job scheduling was based
> on a table.  The table is  wait this long between
> errors  as opposed to  wait this long for this type of
> error  that hylafax uses.  The table could look like
> this:
> 0,0,0,1,1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,60
> (translation: On error keep re-trying quickly, then
> slow up the retries)
try the sendfax -I option
or add a row
RetryTime	0
in your hyla.conf file
> 1) mention was made of a  resubmit/delete  methodology
> to force a job to immediately re-send with the given
> framework.  Correct?
> (If anyone has thought about a change to the server
> for supporting a re-send fax now command, lets talk
> off this list.  It looks like my client is willing to
> pay me to implement such a feature, and I'd be happy
> to submit a patch back)
> 2) it was mentioned to  implement the table driven
> retry would be a 'simple' code change .  Was that ever
> done, and I just missed it in the documentation?
no idea on that

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