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[hylafax-users] email to fax gateway with sendmail doesnt work

hylafax works well. sending from winnt client with whfc works fine BUT,,
want to send fax via email. i followed the instructions in the /faxmail/mailfax.sh-sendmail.
suse 6.1, hylafax v4.0pl2
1. first made a directory on /usr/local/lib named fax and copied the file mailfax.sh-sendmail to /usr/local/lib/fax
2.. i renamed it to mailfax
3. edited sendmail.cf
4. put the line on mailer definition > Mfax, P=/usr/local/lib/fax/mailfax, F= DFMShu, M=100000, A=mailfax $u $h $f
5. put the line on the rewriting ruleset 0 : R$+<@$+.FAX>     $#fax $@ $2 $: $1    user@host.FAX
6. put the line CPFAX
7. change the line of mailfax from default /usr/local/bin/faxmail -n -d "$1" "$2" to /usr/bin/faxmail -n -d "$1" "$2"
ok that was it.
then i send an email: mail -v root@123456.FAX
and this error comes: root@123456.FAX .... Host unknown (name server 123456.fax: host not found)
Could you give me an advice how to solve this problem??

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