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Re: [hylafax-users] after sending mails to faxgateway are still in mqeue; HTML-Scripts sended also


"John Stolz" <linux@gabo.de> writes:

> hi,
> sending mails to fax gateway works well now. but after sending one mail it
> stays in the /var/spool/mqeue. when sendmail tries to make sendmail -q the
> mails are send as fax again and stays still in the mqeue. so it is sending the
> fax again and again(forever :-(( ? ). How can i solve this problem?

That is a known bug in elder hylfafax versions und sendmail. Update
hylafax and sendmail to at least hylafax-4.1beta2 and sendmail-8.9.3  
> the other thing is: sending mail with outlook express to my faxserver works
> now also. but the receiver gets the fax with the   subject BUT also with the
> HTML-Script!! Is there any choice to prevent this?

Disable HTML-Support in OE.


Dieter Kluenter
mailto: dkluenter@gmx.de
http: http://www.l4b.de

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