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Re: [hylafax-users] hylafax always kills faxq and hfaxd

>>>>> On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, "Giulio" == Giulio Orsero wrote:

  Lee> hylafax script is flawed (or my installation isn't correct), because:

  Giulio> If you look at the script "start" section you see that
  Giulio> case $1 in
  Giulio> 'start')
  Giulio> if $IS_ON fax && test -x $FAXQ; then
  Giulio> killall -15 faxq
  Giulio> killall -15 hfaxd
  Giulio> printf "HylaFAX:"
  Giulio> if test $FAXQ_SERVER -eq 1 ; then
  Giulio> $FAXQ; printf " faxq"
  Giulio> fi
  Giulio> if test $HFAXD_SERVER -eq 1 ; then
  Giulio> $HFAXD -i $FAXPORT
  Giulio> fi
  Giulio> printf " hfaxd (without old protocol or SNPP support)"
  Giulio> $ECHO "."
  Giulio> fi
  Giulio> So there may be cases where it does stop the daemons and does not start
  Giulio> them (maybe it wrongly thinks they are started by inetd.conf, it sources
  Giulio> setup.cache and look for 2 variables), maybe you're in one of them.

Thanks to your comments & some great investigative work by Lee this problem,
which included the misplacement of that last printf, has been fixed in CVS.


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