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[hylafax-users] Status Report Result Codes - Zyxel says "BUSY" for VOICE

Status Report Result Codes - Zyxel says "BUSY" for VOICE

This is not really a problem with HylaFAX, although it
certainly affects HylaFAX users, and there may be a solution
or workaround ...

I'm trying to send oodles of faxes to a supposedly clean list of
destinations.  But I know there are typos, and I really don't want 
some poor person getting 12 retries by software that thinks it's
been getting a BUSY fax machine, when it's really been getting a
voice answer.

What to do?
I can't believe the modem can't distinguish propertly between
no answer / busy / no carrier 
What do others do?  Are there modems that handle this better?
Any suggestions much appreciated.
NetBSD 1.5B 

Peter Renzland    @Planix.Com    +1 416 323-1300    Toronto  ON CA

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