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[hylafax-users] ODD

I need some help.

For more than a month I have been with success using
hylafax-4.1beta1-1rh6.i386.rpm with libtiff3.4 and with my home class2 modem
at the office.

The fact is that I brought to the office my external 33.6K modem ;)
Yesterday, finally the office bought a new modem.
This new modem is an external 56K ACER.

I thought it would be a good idea to both:
  use the new modem an upgrade libtiff3.5.5 and

During the installation  have realised that the new modem is detected as
class1 (is this best? worse? );
everything looks fine, the jobs are sumitted and the modem start dialing.
The problem is that the destination fax machine does not detect an incoming
call but a voice call.

What can I do?
As I have the new version of hylafax, I am not quite sure where can reside
the problem.
I presume I have to configure config.ttyS1 with the right parameters for my
modem, isnt't it?

Any sugerence?



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