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[hylafax-users] RECV PROBS

Hi all,
I could not receive the faxes since yesterday and the log that i received was
the EOL timed out after 5 secs.
Now i changed the modem and some of the configurations along with it.
I choosed a better modem its is Dlink 56k and the conf that it took looked
perfectlt ok to me.
I am using 6.2 RH Linux , Hylafax4.1beta, libtigg 3.5.5 .
Now when I receive a fax with following in the logs:

Please do not mind the attachment . My MUA is real bad.

Thanks in Advance. Pleaseeeeeee help


Lee Howard wrote:

> >One more thing is that the docs of Hylafax tells me that the CLASS1 modem is
> >not well suited for receiving by DEFAULT so do i have to make some changes
> >in the HARDWARE or SOFTWARE control rate to make it work for receiving too.
> This means that you should change the ModemFlowControl: in the config file
> to xonxoff or rtscts.
> >Also if u can figure out and tell me what does this EOL after 5 sec really
> >means.??
> I think that EOL means End Of Line, and this message is HylaFAX complaining
> that it's not getting it as it should.  Generally speaking, the problem is
> a timing issue, but I don't see that in your case.
> >Also does it look from the errors that there would be something wrong in my
> >configurations since i can send fax nicely from server m/c thro sendfax and
> >faxmail commands.
> >Also can send it thro. WHFC i.e the windows clients.
> Ah... what version of libtiff is on your system?  Did you say that you have
> RedHat 6.2?
> Lee.
Sep 30 18:50:24.26: [ 6755]: SESSION BEGIN 00000014 910228262636
Sep 30 18:50:24.26: [ 6755]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
Sep 30 18:50:27.11: [ 6755]: --> [3:FAX]
Sep 30 18:50:27.11: [ 6755]: ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION
Sep 30 18:50:27.11: [ 6755]: RECV FAX: begin
Sep 30 18:53:27.15: [ 6755]: REMOTE HANGUP: Unspecified Receive Phase B error (code 70)
Sep 30 18:53:27.15: [ 6755]: RECV FAX: Unspecified Receive Phase B error
Sep 30 18:53:27.15: [ 6755]: RECV FAX: end
Sep 30 18:53:27.15: [ 6755]: SESSION END

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