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[hylafax-users] Outgoing only, what will happen if the modem returns a busy signal

We were considering loading hylafax for outgoing only service. We have one
phone line
coming into our system, which is currently used for remote access at times.
we were going to do is hook up a second modem via a line sharing device so
two modems can share the same phone line. Each would be assigned it's own

Since at present, the amount of outgoing faxes would be no where near enough
to warrant
installing and maintaining a second phone line, the line sharing device with
a second
modem would be appropriate (since we have both already).

If the remote access is being used, and the outgoing modem attempts to dial
out, it
receives a busy signal from the line sharing device. 

I read in the FAQs that when hylafax run in outgoing only mode, it has
trouble trying
to decide if the line is available. So my question is how much trouble does
it have, 
and what would happen the modem returns a busy signal code?

This would be on a Digital Unix, and the /dev/tty's would be tied using LAT
to a 
terminal server.


George Gallen
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Accounting/Data Division
ph:856.848.1000 Ext 220

SLACK Incorporated - An innovative information, education and management

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