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Re: [hylafax-users] Faxcover variables


I got it.
Attached you find my version of notify.awk.
My additions are marked by "# Patch..."
This script reads <qfile> HylaFAX stores in /doneq.
<qfile> contains all information about a fax.
I added the information about TOUSER/TOCOMPANY/TOLOCATION only if
sending was successfull.

Copy notify.awk to /bin and replace the existing one.
You may test it:

cd /var/spool/fax (or where HylaFAX is located on your server)
/var/spool/fax/bin/notify /var/spool/fax/doneq/<q123> done

<q123> replace it with an existing qfile
<970870610> look at the first line of that qfile. It's the number of

Please look at the <qfile> and verify that whfc adds addressee
information at the lines receiver:,company: and location:.

If not, you may use the new HylaFAX client CYPHEUS.
It adds these lines with or without using a cover page on condition
that you have entered the addressee information (or choosed an
address book entry containing it).

Download at:


But, please wait until BETA 5 is released. I will upload it today.
I have to change Word macro to enable addressee information is
delivered to Cypheus.

Hope this helps

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