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Re: [hylafax-users] your mail

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, wangxin wrote:

> Hello!
> I read the your letter in the hylafax mailing list,you talk about the protocal
> patch for hylafax-4.1beta2,I met the problem that the first page was
> send 3 times,so I download the "protocol-rtn.patch",but I don't know how
> to use it.I installed the hylafax on a Linux RedHat6.2.
> expect your help!

For me it was my first patch too ;-)

On the www.hylafax.org/patches, there is a link to "patch for beginners",
an article in the Linux Gazette. It's not so difficult as it lookslikes.

I am using the Suse distribution and they distribute a source RPM for
Hylafax, I used that one. It was necessary too install GCC *and* GPP to

some commands:

rpm -i <filename>
tar xvfz <filename>

this installs in "/usr/src/packages/SOURCES/"
then copy the patches to the new created directory
and go to it yourself with "CD"

patch -bp0 --verbose <protocol-rtn.patch
patch -bp0 --verbose <hylafax-4.1beta.dif

The last patch is a Suse specific patch what came with the Suse RPM, maybe
there is something like that for RedHat too.

Don't forget to stop Hylafax and faxgetty (if you use that in
/etc/inittab). I installed everything over my old installation.

make install

If I remember well, I could answer all questions with a <return>.


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