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Re: [hylafax-users] The best ISDN Modem ?

First this is not over all korrekt.
It was/is correct for most passive ISDN-Cards, but never was 
for external isdn-modems, which many incorporate a good fax-modem
For me i have experiences witch the AVM-B1 internal ISDN-Card which
works fine with hyl÷afax and linux with the programms provided by AVM,
and with the external Zyxel-2864ID isdn-modem which also works fine 
with hylafax.
Another user reported a few weeks ago he had succesfully set up an 
AVM-Fritz card for faxing with hylafax, using the programs provided 
by AVM on their website.
have a nice day

ignace.suy@dutchtone.nl schrieb:
> Cedric,
> I do not hink you CAN fax with a ISDN modem. ISDN is not suited for the
> realtime control you need with the faxprotocols - at least this was the
> excuse i got a year ago.
> Ignace
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: CÚdric BOLE-RICHARD [SMTP:c.bolerichard@fabi.fr]
> > Sent: dinsdag 17 oktober 2000 16:59
> > To:   hylafax-users@hylafax.org
> > Subject:      [hylafax-users] The best ISDN Modem ?
> >
> > What is the best ISDN modem for HylaFax ?
> >
> > Thank.

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