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Re: [hylafax-users] Faxing from Samba

* Christoph Scheeder <christoph.scheeder@scheeder.de> [20001018 11:33]:
=>just to show the complexity of this field:
=>you are probably right stating postscript is postscript, but there
=>are more ways to print a line in postscript:
=>one way is to tell the position, font and fontsize for the complete
=>which is the way you need to find the number and parse it from the file,
=>and the other way is to place every single character of the text itself,
=>which leads to an nearly unparsable postscriptfile,
=>and the third way which i've found in postscriptfiles produced by
=>windows is to rasterize the text and put the imagedata in the
=>which makes parsing completly impossible.
=>Which of these possibiltis you find depends on the program and the 
=>printerdriver, sometimes you even find a mixture of those posibilities 
=>in one file......
=>ignace.suy@dutchtone.nl schrieb:
=>> Funny, because postscript is postscript. If you do not change the textual
=>> formatting of your "fax-no: 12345" line anwhere between the f and the 5, it
=>> should end up on the same postscript line. Maybe you have a (how shall i put
=>> it) funny driver and then changing to a different postscript printer can
=>> help.
=>> -Ignace

Fax-Nr : ddd-ddddddd
Must the document be postscript?
What if I put Fax-Nr : 222636 on the first line of a ascii document then
do a crazy thing like cat doc_name | lpr -Pfaxlp ???


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