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Re: [hylafax-users] how to delete blocked jobs

May be it's because you are not the owner of those jobs...

try conecting hylafax via telnet and login with the Admin user...
then just kill the job

   jkill <job id (JID) >

and that's it!
> Hi,
> I was sending out a fax to a machine which is not listening, and I got
> the "No carrier detected" result.  I tried deleting the job using faxrm
> and it worked at first, but then the server create new jobs to the same
> location again and again.  Using faxstat -s, I see that the subsequent
> jobs are all blocked by concurrent job.  Worst, I got an email every two
> minutes saying that the job has been requeued due to blocked jobs.
> I don't mind at all killing the job, and tried so many ways, like
> faxalter -k now, etc... but it still coming back.  Not to mention that
> removing everything from sendq, docq and doneq and restaring the server
> don't work either...
> Any hint is really appreciated..
> Patrick

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