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Re: [hylafax-users] Problems with faxmail


Have you try to put this line:

# forward FAX messages to HylaFAX software
R$+<@$+.FAX>  $#fax $@ $2 $: $1  user@host.FAX

under ruleset S0.  Thanks.

Jan-Peter Rühmann wrote:
> I've installed faxmail as described in the script, tryed everything I know
> and find in the mailinglist Archive. But I still only get the error "host
> unknown".
> The Fax Server is the same as the email server
> Ive tried folowing combinations
> ruehmann@03820565212.fax
> 03820565212@formoza.fax
> 03820565212.fax@formoza.de
> 03820565212.fax@formoza.fax
> but nothing works
> ---------------------------sendmail.cf-------------------------------
> [snip]

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