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Re: [hylafax-users] Hayes Accura 56K Modems -Resend

On 30 Oct 2000, Dmitry Bely wrote:

> Andrew McRory <amacc@iron-bridge.net> writes:
> > > > rate because it recieves incoming calls as well as faxes.
> > > 
> > > What about sending?
> > 
> > have sent PILES of faxes using this modem/config. I would rate it's
> > reliability as (5) stars.... yes, that means no failures.... Maybe we are
> > charmed?
> Yes, it works in your environment, but may fail in another one. If you use
> RTSCTS, you have to specify proper ModemHardFlowCmd/Class2HFLOCmd. Period.

Thanks Dimitry for the invaluable information.

I really should read (and understand) ALL the available man pages but I

According to the config(5F) man page there seems to be no default values
for ModemHardFlowCmd/Class2HFLOCmd. According to the documentation I found
on the modem chipset, the modem assumes hardware flow control by default.
So we are not charmed after all - just lucky.

For all interested please append the following to your Hayes Acura V.90
config file...

ModemHardFlowCmd	AT&K3
Class2HFLOCmd		AT+FLO=2


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