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Re: [hylafax-users] send failure

At 08:51 AM 11/9/00 GMT, dean-mercer@home.com wrote:
>I am very new to this...I have looked though the faqs, setup docs and 
>troubleshooting but I cannot find an answer to my problem.  I am using a 
>netaccess MPM-4 the following is the same failure...Only about the top 3 
>inches of the doc get transitted.

Normally something like this is a flow control problem.  I'm not a log
expert, so I can't do much there.  But, I didn't see an AT+FLO=2 in the
log, which leads me to belive that the modem's default is being used,
possibly... which may be AT+FLO=0... which almost always leads to problems.

Read 'man config'

and check out your etc/config.<devid> file.


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