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[hylafax-users] Linux Client Setup ?

I have successfully setup my HylaFAX server and Windows95 Whfc clients and it works great.  Now I need to setup my Linux clients and I've been pulling my hair out trying to get sendfax to work from my Linux client.  I'm not running Xwindows on my Linux clients, just the console.  I have read the manual pages on sendfax.  I put the 'FAXSERVER=<myservername>; export FAXSERVER' in my environment settings and run '/usr/sbin/faxq'.
When I run 'faxstat' on my Linux client I can see the server and modem are up and running.  But sendfax will not send to the server.  I do not see any trace of attempting to send a fax in the log files on the server or client.  Can someone give me some pointers, clues or examples on setting up the client under Linux RH v6.2 ?
Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
Mark Welborn

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