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Re: [hylafax-users] Admin access to faxrm

At 05:20 PM 1/22/01 -0800, post+hylafax@macallister.grass-valley.ca.us wrote:
>I am having trouble setting up admin access so that I can delete
>a fax job when I need to.  If my reading of the docs is correct
>what I need to do is to add myself to the etc/hosts file, right?

Um, if you're talking about 4.1beta2, then it's etc/hosts.hfaxd, but yes,
you need to be added to that list in this format:


Read the hosts.hfaxd manpage for details:

>The passwords there need to be encrypted.  I copied the password
>strings that I found in /etc/shadow on my Redhat 6.2 system and
>still cannot get admin access.  Be great if someone could tell me
>what I am doing wrong.

You're probably not adding the :adminwd.


>Thanks in advance,

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