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[hylafax-users] modem ELSA MicroLink 14.4TM


I'm looking for someone who uses an ELSA MicroLink 14.4TM modem together
with HylaFAX. A newer MicroLink 56k is already running very fine in that
environment.  But  with  the  14.4TM  I'm  always  receiving errors like:
"Unspecified  Transmit  Phase D error, including +FPHCTO timeout between
data  and  +FET  command" after receiving about 60% of a fax.  I already
read  all of the FAQs, mailinglist archives,  tried  all the hints there
- but nothing helps. ELSA provides two  HylaFAX-config-files  for  their
older and newer modems - the same problem with all of these files.

Does ist make sens, to try running this rather old modem or should I buy
a newer one? BTW, in the HylaFAX-list of tested modems, there is listed a
MicroLink  1.4TL,  which  should  be  similar  to the 14.4TM, so I had a
little hope...

Thank you in advance!


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