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Re: [hylafax-users] Help Redhat 7.0 WHFC

At 04:56 PM 2/5/01 +0530, Brains Division wrote:
>Hi Friends,
>I have installed hylafax-4.1beta2-2rh7.i386.rpm  under Redhat 7.0 and
>every thing seems to be working fine from my server.
>Now if I try to use whfc client on windows it doesn't work, any idea
>what must have gone wrong
>To start, I get the following messages on my whfc client
>                                  Hylafax beta version 4beta 1
>                                 Administrator has logged in
>                                  "................................."
>How do I skip this three messages at the client and I don't get proper
>status of my fax server from a clients.
>What do i do ... ?

I don't know anything about WHFC, but I'd guess that you need to read:
man faxadduser
man faxdeluser
man hosts.hfaxd

>If hylafax will not work with RH 7.0 now. Which other fax server should
>i use .. ?

HylaFAX works fine with RH7.


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