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Re: [hylafax-users] Newbie question

At 08:19 AM 2/8/01 -0500, Jeff Herring wrote:
>As best as I can see IFHP does not do PCL to PS.
>It appears to only do PS to PCL (via Ghostscript?)
>Do you guys see anything differently?

Well, I don't mean to make any claims about IFHP, since I don't use it.
I'm merely stating what it says in the README file: "ifhp is a highly
versatile print filter for BSD based print spoolers.  It can be configured
to handle text,  PostScript, PJL, PCL, and raster printers, supports
conversion from one format to another"

I don't know how else to interpret "supports conversion from one format to
another".  If this isn't the case, if it doesn't do PCL-to-PS and
PS-to-PCL, then somebody at IFHP needs to reword that text.

I do know, though, that I can print Postscript documents from Ghostscript
through LPRng to my LaserJet 6L (PCL) printer.  Which means that something
in that chain is doing PS-to-PCL.  As for PCL-to-PS, I don't have a current
setup doing it automatedly, but on my Windows machines I can print a
Postscript document from Gsview to file via my LaserJet 6L printer driver.
The resulting file is a completely valid PCL file as I can successfully
"copy testpage.pcl lpt2" and get a pretty "Windows 95 Printer Test Page".
And so that's PS-to-PCL, which I'm sure can be automated in some fashion on
a *NIX box.


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