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[hylafax-users] Merging text and images

I am converting from Faximum.  This package has a feature of being able
to handle HP PCL language.  This allows us to merge tiff files via a
tiff to hp conversion, and then add text on top of the same page.

Another method it has is something called styles, which basically
did the same thing, only Faximum handled it.  The style included things
like TSI, subject, to, from information, for a cover page, as well as
an overlay file for images to be added to every page.

I have looked through the FAQ's and mailing archives.  I understand that
Hylafax does not provide the overlay feature, the cover page is does,
but we do not use cover pages.

I understand that I have to come up with a method of handling overlays.

What do you suggest is the best way to handle this?

1. Create a postscript file that has the text and image combined.  Then
submit that to sendfax.

2.  Write a frontend to sendfax that handles PCL, and converts it to

3. Modify Hylafax to do either 1 or 2.

My thinking is to modify hylafax to do # 1.  However I am not entirly
familar with Hylafax or postscript (tho I am willing to learn).

I understand that Hylafax somewhere along the way converts a text file
to postscript when I send a plain text file to sendfax.  Is this

If so where is this done,  server side, client side?

What program is it done in, sendfax?

Which side requires Ghostscript? Server or Client, Both?

If Ghostscript is used to generate the Postscript can one use
ghostscript to do the merging by changing the command used to generate
the postscript output?

Thanks John

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