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[hylafax-users] openware for converting PCL to Postscript

For all the searching I've done, I've found a number of commercial
PCL-to-whatever converters.  I don't imagine that many of you would be
interested in them.

However, I did find one free PCL-to-Postscript conversion utility called
lj2ps.  In fact, it was discussed 18 months ago on this list.

See: http://www.hylafax.org/archive/1999-08/msg00372.php

The home page of this software is:


As it was developed by the author for BSD it *does* compile just fine on
OpenBSD, and it seems to function just fine afterwards with his tests, but
it does not work very well at all (because of missing function
implementations) when trying to convert PCL files made by my LaserJet 6L
Windows printer driver.

Unfortunately, make fails on both RedHat Linux 7.0 and 6.2.  It's probably
a Makefile configuration error, and I imagine a smarter person could easily
fix it, but I'm not keen enough to make it work.  The BSD binary might work
in Linux using kernel-level ABI or iBCS - I haven't tried it, though.

The copyleft is FSF GNU standard, so have at it, folks, if you like.

The project seems to be an abandoned child since at least 1997.  So, if one
or more of you are ambitious enough, I imagine that the author wouldn't
mind giving permission to someone else to continue, control, and distribute
development if you were to ask nicely enough (if the FSF GNU license
doens't already grant you that permission - but the author may give you his

As for me, I'm quite pleased to know that I do not need to convert PCL into


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