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Re: [hylafax-users] Empty xferfaxlog

At 07:50 PM 2/12/01 +0100, Christoph Vogel wrote:
>Lee Howard wrote:
>> Do you mean /var/spool/fax/etc/xferfaxlog ?
>Yes, that's right. On my system it's the only file named so.

Strange.  Even on my pure-CVS installs the file is under etc.

>> I'm using CVS HylaFAX on RedHat 6.1 and it's working fine there.
>> Does xferfaxstats result in any output on your system?
>xferfaxstats outputs an empty list. I noticed the problem as the first run
>of faxcron after my update returned a well formatted list on my box without
>entries. So I began to search on what file based it outputs its summary.
>Sending and receiving facsimiles works without any problem.
>Can you tell me what's the date of your CVS snapshot?

Right now it's a current CVS snapshot, but the original CVS install was
probably dated from a few months ago.  I've checked a number of my HylaFAX
installations for this, and *all* of them, whether a CVS install or an RPM
install have etc/xferfaxlog and it contains data.


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