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Re: [hylafax-users] Using Hylafax for our project ?

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 10:13:34PM +0100, Alain Fontaine wrote:
> I have had a very interested look at Hylafax because I think it can do what
> we need. Before I dwelve into the documentation and a test setup, though,
> I'd like to hear first impressions.

Wow.  Applications consulting.

Cool.  ;-)

> The application I'm talking about sends out notifications for special events
> that happen on a website. these notifications are sent through E-mail to
> users that support E-mail, and should be sent by Fax for users who don't
> have an Internet access.

When you say "special events that happen on a website', do you mean
events that happen *to the website itself*?  or is this like a calendar
reminder sort of thing?

> The web server cannot run Hylafax, which means that there will be two
> machines, one being the webserver, and one being the fax server. The fax
> server doesn't have a permanent Internet connection, either.

Yuck.  :-)

> How could we use Hylafax to periodically check the web server for waiting
> notifications to be sent (these could be stored as E-mails in a special
> account, or as text files, or whatever), send the notification faxes, and
> provide a way to see what "happened" to the webserver; e.g., the webserver
> should somehow be able to tell which users did receive their fax, and which
> others didn't, because of an error, for instance.

Me personally, I think I'd use email to move the triggers to the
faxserver; there's a mail-to-fax gateway package already devised, and
you could probably just create a custom coverpage to do most of the
work.  That's about as far as I can go with the available

-- jra
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