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[hylafax-users] Distorted received faxes

Hi folks,

I know I've seen this problem before but don't recall the
solution.  Hylafax appears to receive the incoming fax without problem but
whet it is sent to the printer there is perhaps a partial line or maybe a
half page of a severely distorted image.  

Can someone point me in the right direction.  I'm sure I've seen the
solution somewhere before but can't find it now.  We're using fax2ps and
sending it to lpr.


James R. Hay				jrhay@haya.qc.ca
Hay-Net Networks
P.O. Box 46051				ax25: ve2ve@ve2tcp#mtl.pq.can.noam
Pointe Claire, QC			amprnet: ve2ve@ve2tcp.ampr.org
H9R 5R4

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