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Re: [hylafax-users] Fax Extension Numbers

One of the commercial packages we demo'd, FAXmaker (www.faxmaker.com) claims 100%
success when doing DTMF routing, assuming that the person sending the fax uses the
correct number and that the extension being dialed is listed in a database.

Here's a snippit from their site:

-DTMF routing
-Fax routing based on DTMF
-DTMF routing - this method requires the caller to enter an extension number when
-sending a fax. Alternatively, if your PBX has excess extension lines, you could
-program your PBX to pass the DTMF number automatically.
- A ZyXEL or Rockwell voice modem (check for compatibility with GFI)
- User must input DTMF number. If PBX is used, the network administrator must
-have advanced technical telecommunications knowledge to operate and program -the
-Recommended environment
-Only in specific environments where a special PBX is available or where one can
-explain to the callers (i.e. the senders of the fax) how to input the DTMF number

Forgive my newbie-ness if I'm mistaken about this, but there has to be some way to
do this.  Thanks for the faxgetty tip.  I'll dig into the docs on it.

I appreciate your patience with me.  Thanks!

"Jay R. Ashworth" wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 11:04:10AM -0500, Christopher A. Seward Sr. wrote:
> > I'm not trying to be argumentitive, but the hardware is not the
> > problem. We have a modem that will pass on additional numbers dialed
> > beyond what is needed to connect to our fax server. The person sending
> > the fax just sets the number dialed with a pause between the fax
> > server number and the extension It has nothing to do with DID. There
> > are commercial fax server packages that will handle this. I'm just
> > wondering how I can get Hylafax to recognize and act on these numbers.
> Um, how, precisely, *does* the receiving modem put the numbers out to
> the software it's connected to?  And does it receive them *before* or
> *after* it answers the phone?
> See, the thing is, there's no standard way to do that "DTMF
> pseudo-DID" thing, which is probably one of the reasons why it's never
> been implemented.
> What sort of reliability were you seeing with it with the commercial
> package?
> (A slightly more technical answer is: "you'd have to modify the code in
> faxgetty to deal with whatever the modem wants to send, and figure out
> a way to get the information gleaned out to faxrcvd, which is the
> script that would have to *do* something with it.")
> Cheers,
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