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Re: [hylafax-users] Syntax error, missing ':'

At 09:39 AM 2/15/01 +0100, ke@helinet.de wrote:

>> If this is no help, please say what version of HylaFAX you're running
>> (where you got it from) and attach a copy of one of these failed sendq
>hylafax-server 4.0.2-14 
>hylafax-client 4.0.2-14 
>Both are from Debian-Distribution. And capi4hylafax-01.01.01 is also running.

There's been *a lot* of improvements since the 4.0pl2 days.  You may want
to seriously consider upgrading to 4.1beta2 or CVS.  (I'd recommend CVS.
see http://www.hylafax.org/cvs.php )

I can't specify what the problem is, but I can say that in the year that
I've been on this list, I've never seen this issue before - which may
indicate that it's not a problem with current source.


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