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[hylafax-users] WHFC and legal paper


I checked through the archives to find why WHFC wasn't sending us-legal 
faxes.  I found that to fax us-legal from WHFC all you had to do was click 
Letter (counter intuitive :-).

Well, selecting letter doesn't seem to work.  Here's what I've done and my 
testing.  Anyone have any ideas before I try to sniff the protocol between 
the client and server?

The fax does have a legal tray....

1.  Print legal doc from word.						- Prints on legal paper
2.  Fax legal doc from word via WHFC			- received on us-letter (munged a 
bit, but OK)
3.  Re-fax the .ps document from doneq by typing:

usr/local/bin/sendfax -n -s us-leg -d 7138446527 

on the fax server and WALLA!!!! - fax received on us-legal  :-)

So, where am I going wrong?  Or is it, as I suspect, WHFC?

If it is, should I try CYPHEUS?  The problem I initially had with Cypheus 
was all the additional software I would need to install on all my client 
workstations (we use Acrobat 3.2, no GS, & have no idea about MDAC 
components (part of NT 4 SP 3?)).  Can it run without all that stuff?

I just want, print -> select fax, pop-up, type phone number, and away it 
goes.  I don't even care if there is no address book.

If WHFC was open, I would fix it.  I just don't have time to write a Hyla 
client from scratch (my client won't pay for that :-)



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