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[hylafax-users] Capi with Hylafax ?

  Can someone help? 

  I have a AVM B1 ISDN-Card with the latest 
 Capi-drivers up and running (I used the installation
 instructions at www.scorrano.com). 

  The card is installed and I can send faxes using the 
 c2faxsend tool and I am also able the receive faxes
 with the c2faxrecv tool. The faxq and the hfaxd gets
 started at boot time and I can access them via
 telnet (either port 4559 or 444) or with the
 WHFC hylafax client for windows. 

  Now my problem: I am not able to send faxes from a 
 windows machine using WHFC. The fax GETS transmitted
 to the hylafax server and is lying then in the 
 sendq directory. I can also see that there is an outgoing
 fax queued using the WHFC client. But the linux machine
 won't dial out to send the faxes.

  I am starting the capi services with capiinit at boot
 time, faxq and "hfaxd -i 4559 -o 4557 -s 444" and the
 c2faxrecv to receive faxes (this is working well). 

  I can post the hfaxd.conf and/or the config.faxCAPI 
 to the list if this is okay (I want to ask first if 
 its okay, because I am in some mailing lists where most
 subscribers don't like the postings of attachments) or
 directly to someone if he/she can help me. 


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