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[hylafax-users] Cannot receive fax from Zoom Modem

I install hylafax V4.1beta2 in my Red Hat Linux V7.0 with external 56K Zoom modem(2949).  I go through faxsetup, faxaddmodem and add faxgetty in initab file.  Sending is OK, but cannot receive fax.  I find my fax modem cannot pick up the call, only AA and RD light flashing.  I guess it may be the problem of getty program. I install getty and mgetty but mgetty-sendfax is not installed. My question is how to set the parameters of GettyArgs, the default parameters is "-h %1 dx_%s". With reference to the manual page of getty, I guess "dx_%s" is the label in gettydefs file, but I cannot find this label.  

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