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Re: [hylafax-users] Cannot receive fax from Zoom Modem

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 07:07:37PM +0800, eza wrote:
> I install hylafax V4.1beta2 in my Red Hat Linux V7.0 with external 56K
> Zoom modem(2949). I go through faxsetup, faxaddmodem and add faxgetty
> in initab file. Sending is OK, but cannot receive fax. I find my fax
> modem cannot pick up the call, only AA and RD light flashing. I guess
> it may be the problem of getty program. I install getty and mgetty
> but mgetty-sendfax is not installed. My question is how to set the
> parameters of GettyArgs, the default parameters is "-h %1 dx_%s". With
> reference to the manual page of getty, I guess "dx_%s" is the label in
> gettydefs file, but I cannot find this label.

Those parameters are only important if faxgetty has to hand data calls
off to a data getty.   If you have set the faxgetty as 'respawn' in the
inittab, then the only reason I could think of that it wouldn't work
(other than that maybe you set it to talk to the wrong port) would be
if you simply forgot to tell inittab to re-read it's table: telinit q
will do that.

Do you ever see the data lights flicker as the getty tries to reset the

-- jra
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