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Re: [hylafax-users] receiving 1-D MR-coded faxes incomplete

At 11:26 AM 2/20/01 +0100, Guido Schmidt wrote:
>I installed HylaFax 4.1beta2 on SuSE 6.4 using a Zyxel U1496 E+ with firmware
>6.22 (configured as CLASS=2.0). Every incoming fax is received without error
>messages, but if the sender uses 1-D MR-coded (see  log-file below) the
>resulting document contains only the first few lines (where the sending
>fax-machine usually places its faxnumber, ID, date and page counter). 2-D
>MR-coded faxes don` t show any problems.

Two things:

First, make sure that you either 1) used CVS, or 2) patched the source used
with tiff-3.5-interfaces.  If you used the RPM from SuSE, you may want to
check on their SRPM to be sure.  Now, I doubt that this is your problem,
but I make a habit of checking on it these days.

Second, I used USR modems for a long time running in Class 2.0, and
honestly, I think I was doing very well at things with them.  And then I
ran into a particular problem with one remote fax machine that highlighted
the fact that USR modems have buggy fax firmware when it comes to Class 2.0
timing constraints.  I then switched the modem to Class 1, and not only did
*that* problem go away, but the number of errors that I was having normally
almost disappeared.  In most cases, I think it's best to run HylaFAX,
especially with USR modems, in Class 1.


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