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Re: [hylafax-users] OT : New Features

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 02:32:22PM -0500, Abrahamsen, Kenneth wrote:
> Could you post (or have you posted) the config file for the 5600ZDX?
> I've seen many variations of config files for the 5600ZDX but no one has
> said their's was a stable config for this modem. Yours seems to be.

IIRC, the *only* change I made from the autodetect was to rip the
damned @ sign off of the dial string... now that's a CVS extract, and I
don't know that I can tell you precisely when I grabbed it, but it
certainly ought to be the current one.

The modem section of the config follows; I've included my version of a
tagline, which I modified slightly, and think looks pretty spiffy
(anyone wanna write one last patch? :-)

TagLineFormat:          "From %%l (%%n)|%c|%%p of %%t via HylaFAX 4.1"
# Modem-related stuff: should reflect modem command interface
# and hardware connection/cabling (e.g. flow control).
ModemType:              Class2          # use class 2 interface
ModemRate:              38400           # lock rate for DCE-DTE
					# communication
ModemFlowControl:       rtscts          # default
ModemHardFlowCmd:       AT&E4           # hardware flow control
ModemSoftFlowCmd:       AT&E5           # software flow control
ModemSetupDTRCmd:       AT&D3           # setup so DTR drop resets
					# modem
ModemSetupDCDCmd:       AT&C1           # setup so DCD reflects carrier
					# (or not)
ModemSetupAACmd:        AT+FAA=1        # enable adaptive-answer in
					# class 2
# NB: some models get confused by the @
ModemDialCmd:           ATDT%s          # T for tone dialing, @ for
					# silence
Class2RecvDataTrigger:  "\022"          # character sent to modem to
					# start recv                 

I note with some surprise that I haven't switched this system over to
class1 yet.  Oops; I thought I had.

-- jra
Jay R. Ashworth                                                jra@baylink.com
Member of the Technical Staff     Baylink
The Suncoast Freenet         The Things I Think
Tampa Bay, Florida        http://baylink.pitas.com             +1 727 804 5015

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