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Re: [hylafax-users] Hulafax on Redhat 7.0

At 16:16 25/02/01 -0500, Ali Ghaharbeighi wrote:
>Hello Darren,
>Thank you for your reply.
>But I still  have the same problem.
>Using Redhat 7.0 and hylafax-4.1beta2-2rh7.i386.rpm
>I have no problem sending or receiving faxes. :)
>What I am trying to do is setup a windows based
>program so other users can send / receive faxes in our
>small network. Samba works fine as well.
>I can't figure out how to use faxadduser.
>It just don't add any user to the file
>It doesn't even change /etc/hosts.hfaxd
>The file has correct permission and ownership:
>-rw-------    1 uucp     wheel          59 Feb 25 16:04 hosts.hfaxd

You need to be root or the uucp user to write to the hosts.hfaxd file, 
unless somebody has setuid the executable(don't do this, it is a very bad 

If it still does not work, try running strings on the faxadduser executable 
and grep for hosts.hfaxd to find the location where faxadduser expects the 
hosts.hfaxd file to be.
$ whereis faxadduser
faxadduser: /usr/sbin/faxadduser
$ strings /usr/sbin/faxadduser | grep hosts
faxadduser [-a admin-password] [-f hosts-file] [ -p password] [-u uid] username
Error - cannot open hosts file: %s

If it is different from where hosts.hfaxd actually is(this should NOT be!) 
use the '-f' param to specify the host.hfaxd  file that you want to change.

- Robert

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