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Re: [hylafax-users] xtreme newbie waiting for modem to come free

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 01:19:09PM +0000, Bill Dossett wrote:
> I'm very slowly trying to get to grips with hylafax.

It can be that way; it's a *big* program.  Don't let it throw you.

> I am running hylafax binary RedHat distribution
> hylafax-4.1beta2-2rh7

That's been upgraded, just this week, but what you have is new enough
to bang on, I'd say.  

> I am using WHFC to for a windows client to
> send and receive faxes.  I am using RedHat 7
> on the server.  I have been able to recievce a fax
> ok.   I have faxgetty running.  I have just tried
> to send a fax and the WHFC software says
> Modem ttyS0 waiting for modem to come free

It will say that, until faxgetty has the modem synced and idle.  Are
you *running* faxgetty?  [ reads further ]  Yes, you are.  Ok.  Next.

> My log files on the server say:
[ ... ]
> Feb 26 11:54:08 tarantula FaxGetty[938]: ANSWER: Can not lock modem
> device

That's ok; it means faxsend has stolen the modem from faxgetty.

> Feb 26 11:54:11 tarantula FaxSend[19773]: MODEM USROBOTICS COURIER HST
> DUAL STANDARD V.34+ FAX Product type           UK Exter
> nal MSK Options                HST,V32bis,Terbo,V.FC,V34+ Fax
> Options            Class 1/Class 2.0 Clock Freq             20.1
> 6Mhz Eprom                  256k Ram                    32k/Supervisor
> date        11/14/95 DSP date               07/05/95 Su
> pervisor rev         044-6.2.2 DSP rev                1.2.2

That message worries me a *lot*; it shouldn't be nearly that long --
or, more accurately, *I've* never seen one that long.  You may have a
problem with your modem init strings: can you post your
/var/spool/fax/etc/config.tty* file?

> Feb 26 11:54:11 tarantula FaxSend[19773]: SEND FAX: JOB 1 DEST 0207 482
> 1447 COMMID 00000003
> Feb 26 11:54:34 tarantula FaxQueuer[19556]: NOTIFY: bin/notify
> "doneq/q1" "done" "0:29"

That message makes it look very much like the software *thinks* the
transmission completed correctly.

> due to my newbieness, I am usure of how all the programs
> interact with each other....   does faxgetty take care of
> the final sending of the fax?  and the can't lock modem
> means it can't send the fax... of is this just an announcement
> by faxgetty that something else now has the modem...
> presumabley the fax sending program if it isn't faxgetty.

Correct.  faxgetty receives faxes, faxsend sends them.  *Users* use
sendfax (on unix boxen) or WHFC, et al, on Windows, to sumbit them for

> I have checked several times and the fax was not sent,
> however I can't seem to find it anywhere else ... in the
> sendq or doneq....

Hmmm... Are you sending it to a local physical fax machine?  Have you
watched that machine during a transmission to see what happens?

> also is there a non-german version of WHFC?  I've downloaded
> what said it was the english setup version, but the menus
> and stuff are still in german... also is WHFC the best thing
> to use?  I need to support WinNT, W2K and Win9X
> platforms.

I've had good luck with WHFC, but there are other packages.

When installing WHFC, do the 'custom' install, and be sure to
uncheck the German Language DLL box -- Uli: that's a bug; it happens to
me all the time, too.

Hope this helps.

-- jra
Jay R. Ashworth                                                jra@baylink.com
Member of the Technical Staff     Baylink
The Suncoast Freenet         The Things I Think
Tampa Bay, Florida        http://baylink.pitas.com             +1 727 804 5015

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