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Re: [hylafax-users] adding in new fonts

Hey Leora,

> Leora Bar-Lev schrieb:
>      > You will probably have to replace textfmt,
>      entirely.
> With what?? And how?  I really don't know too much about
> fonts and how Hylafax really works.
> (Sorry if my newbieness is showing through.)
>              > Well, the thrust of my question there was
>      more "someone's bundling us
>      with something?  Cool..."  But in this case it's
>      pertinent: was the
>      *app* designed to deal with Hebrew?

My points of view:

Hylafax first tries to determine if the document to fax is
postscript or tiff, which can faxed directly.
If not, then it uses the typerules (in my system in

If your app gives you hebrew text, then it tries document
conversion to hylafax with a2pswrap.
a2pswrap calls a2ps 

In my opinion your problem is, that your machine hasn't
properly hebrew fonts for ghostscript installed.

I am not a ghostscript expert, so i only can provide a link
which i found for your problem.


But only my 2 cents.

Greetings Torsten

(isn't there any chinese, russian ... reader , who could
help better with non english fonts and charactersets ??)

> Well, this app is from an American company, and although
> they do support European languages (Spanish,
> French, etc. - basic Latin 1 characters), we did have to
> do the transalations ourselves.   Not too difficult
> actually.  It is really just the various screens that the
> end user sees (and this includes the faxes that are
> sent), that are translated.
> I tried sending a fax of a text file that contains Hebrew
> characters.  I checked the fax queue as it was
> processing, and was able to check the postscript file.
> The Hebrew characters ended up being displayed
> as \34\37 etc., (backquoted hex chars).  Here is a Hebrew
> word:  ωμεν"" - tell me what you see.  That is
> probably what is being sent through.
> Maybe another interesting point - the particular "message"
> that is faxed, can alternatively, be e-mailed to
> the user.  When it is e-mailed - the Hebrew is fine.
> (Obviously, we all use mail software that supports
> Hebrew. :-)  Which brings me back to my original question
> - How do I get Hylafax to support Hebrew???
> Thanks,
> Leora
> Leora Bar-Lev
> System Manager
> Commerce.NET
> Rechov Ha'Barzel 34
> Tel Aviv 69710 Israel
> Phone: +972-3-645-5772                      email:
> leorar@commercenet.co.il
> Fax:     +972-3-649-6093                      URL:
> http://www.commercenet.co.il

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