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Re: [hylafax-users] adding in new fonts

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 07:52:35AM +0200, Leora Bar-Lev wrote:
> Well - the answers are as such - No, the app was not designed for
> Hebrew - we have made the changes on the User Interface side, to
> display things in Hebrew. And, Hebrew is ISO 8589-8 character set (if
> I remember correctly).

8859-8, I'd think.

> 	> You will probably have to replace textfmt, entirely.
> With what?? And how?  I really don't know too much about fonts and how
> Hylafax really works. 

Some other program that renders line text files into PostScript, that
being the job that textfmt performs.

> (Sorry if my newbieness is showing through.) 

No problem... but fixing your problem is likely to require technical
acumen that you don't have.  Don't feel bad, *I* don't have it either.

> > Well, the thrust of my question there was more "someone's  bundling
> > us with something? Cool..." But in this case it's pertinent: was the
> > *app* designed to deal with Hebrew?

> Well, this app is from an American company, and although they do
> support European languages (Spanish, French, etc. - basic Latin 1
> characters), we did have to do the transalations ourselves. Not too
> difficult actually. It is really just the various screens that the
> end user sees (and this includes the faxes that are sent), that are
> translated. I tried sending a fax of a text file that contains Hebrew
> characters. I checked the fax queue as it was processing, and was
> able to check the postscript file. The Hebrew characters ended up
> being displayed as \34\37 etc., (backquoted hex chars). Here is a
> Hebrew word: ωμεν"" - tell me what you see.

That.  :-)

> That is probably what is being sent through. Maybe another interesting
> point - the particular "message" that is faxed, can alternatively,
> be e-mailed to the user. When it is e-mailed - the Hebrew is fine.
> (Obviously, we all use mail software that supports Hebrew. :-) Which
> brings me back to my original question - How do I get Hylafax to
> support Hebrew???

Well, specifically, you use email software that supports 8859-8.

The issue is that textfmt doesn't.  And, alas, I find no hints that
anyone's modified it to do so.  The answer appears to be: you're going
to have to find a programmer who can understand the code in textfmt,
and rewrite it to deal with the requirements of rendering Hebrew text.

The sources are available, so that shouldn't be horribly difficult, but
it is the price, I guess, of trying to do an end-run on a package
designed for a different character mapping.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help; I was sort of hoping someone would
pop up and say "we've done that!"...

-- jra
Jay R. Ashworth                                                jra@baylink.com
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