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[hylafax-users] and again: NAK at all possible signalling rates...

Hi all,
this one did hurt me and costed me a lot of time till now. i hope someone of you could help me ?!
Since i get in touch with hylafax i have set up a LOT of fax-servers, especially using ISDN-adapters
and the isdn4linux software package (yes im from germany). but in the whole time i have never fighted
such kind of error.
the server is running on a (bit modified) SuSE 7.0 System with standard 2.2.14 kernel. hylafax version is
4.1beta2-143 and libtiff is 3.5.5-37. The gccs version is 2.95.2-98 and the (for the isdn-interface needed)
hisax version is 3.5. card is sedlbauer speedfax+ with sedlbauer driver rev. 123.
as i said in the topic, i get an "NAK at all possible signalling rates" after the receiver has received 12 copies
of the document. the job seems canceled but the receiver HAS received the documents (12 pc. as i said).
i didnt post the logs, because i have found about 30 entries concerning my problem in this list,
and all the logs look the same. anyway, if you need additional information i will surely provide them.
i really,really,really hope someone knows about this problem, and i really hope even more someone has got
a solution......


Alexander Riemer

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