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Re: [hylafax-users] Hi Hylafax-users! Who can help me?

Schur Robert wrote:
> Hi Hylafax users,
> I got a problem with my Hylafax-Server on SuSE-Linux 7.0 discibed as follows:
> When I get a fax, my Linuxbox saves the fax in ./recvd as TIFF-File. With samba, I get access to this files.
> Now I have a windowsmashine ( MS Windows NT 4.0 SP5 ), that have to access the TIFF-Files. To do this,
> I use the WHFC-Client V1.0.8. To View the files I use TIFFVIEWER V 1.1.
> And this ist my Problem:
> Whe I got the Fax, the fax has the wrong "Format?" ( NOT IN A4 ).
> What can I do ??


from the WHFC Doku : http://www.transcom.de/whfc/doku/install.php

... i have found tiffview which seems to work, but does not update the
size in
fine resolution correctly

Ulrich Eckhardt                         Tr@nscom  
http://www.uli-eckhardt.de              http://www.transcom.de
                                        Lagerstraße 11-15 A8
                                        64807 Dieburg Germany

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