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Re: [hylafax-users] ACTUAL modem list

At 11:21 PM 3/4/01 +0100, Massimiliano Perantoni wrote:
>I'm a new user for Hylafax and my question is where can I find an updated
list of modems sold NOW working well with hylafax? I saw there are some
elsa modems, are the new ones working well with hylafax?

I've used a number of modems with varying degrees of success.  My favorite
of the bunch, though, are ISA and use the new Conexant chipsets.  It's a
generic brand, but I've used a few made by Jaton.  I use it in Class 1.
(These do support Class 1.0, by the way, but HylaFAX doesn't do Class 1.0,

I've also had quite a bit of experience with 3Com USR 3CP5610, a PCI
hardware modem.  It works well both in Class 2.0 and Class 1, except that
there are firmware timing issues that surface occasionally with it in Class
2.0.  In Class 1 there is no issue.

In my actual HylaFAX experience with modems, I've probably used for varying
periods of time about thirty or so different modems.  I've only used about
five of them for long periods of time, though.  I have found, however, that
most any faxmodem will work with HylaFAX as long as you invest the time to
make the configuration right.  I've even heard of a couple people using
HylaFAX with Lucent "winmodems", which surprised me.


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